About KOSIT a.s.

KOSIT a. s. is a modern joint – stock company, which manages to provide residents, public administration and business companies with high-quality services essential form them. It puts the human beings protection and their environment in the centre of its interests, so that inevitable balance between human activities and environment quality could be created.The company was established upon the project of the city of Košice on 21st February 2001. In 2000 the city invited an international tender to sell its own refuse incinerating plant to an economic unit to create a partnership for municipal waste collection and disposal, as well as regular summer and winter roads and streets maintenance. In this way, the implementation of an investment plan aimed for collection system renovation and completion and for municipal waste processing renovation and completion was started.

The major share (66%) in KOSIT is owned by WOOD&Co and (34%) the city of Košice.

KOSIT exploits the professionalism and experience gained on an international level; and spreading them helps economic and social growth in the area of the city of Kosice and East Slovakia. The company committed itself to get to know its clients’ needs, to rebuild infrastructure and technologies, to reorganise human recources by the means of professionalism capitalization, and thus to improve their performance.