Code of Ethics

Ethics Code of the KOSIT Company, a.s.


KOSIT a. s. was established upon the project of the city of Košice. In 2002 the city invited an international tender to sell its own refuse incinerating plant to an economic unit to create a joint venture for municipal waste collection and disposal, to implement an investment plan aimed for collection system renovation and completion as well as for municipal waste processing renovation a completion.

KOSIT a. s. is a modern joint-stock company which manages to provide the residents, public administration, and business companies with high quality services essential for them. It puts the human beings protection and their environment in the centre of its interests, so that inevitable balance between human activities and environment quality could be created.

KOSIT exploits the professionalism and experience gained on an international levels trying to spread them and thus it helps economic and social growth in the area of the city of Kosice and East Slovakia. The company started its business activities in 2001, and committed itself to get to know its clients’ needs, to rebuild infrastructure and technologies, to reorganise human resources by the means of professionalism capitalisation, and thus to improve their performance.

Our company tries to achieve all the above-mentioned attributes on the basis of the ethical attitudes and proper relationships introduced in this Ethics Code.
The Ethics Code functions as an in-company mandatory reference for all the employees working for the company. It represents the effort and determination to work and follow the highest principles of social and business ethics and to stay law-abiding. The Ethics Code applies to all the employees of the company indiscriminately. All the employees are obliged to abide by the principles of ethics, and in case of their violation they will counter their own conduct consequences.

The main reasons for the Ethics Code are:
● to eliminate undesirable practice giving rise to the decline of the interest in the company
● to enlighten the company policy on sensitive issues
● to strengthen in-company discipline
● to positively motivate our employees refreshing their awareness of the fact that they work
in ethical environment with rules clear for everybody

Alberto Gerotto


Principles of the Company’s Ethics Code

1. Working relationships

The working relationships are based on the transparency, open communication, mutual trust and respect. The principles of honesty, fairness, justice, responsibility, and respect to basic human rights and principles are the inseparable part of this Ethics Code and apply to the relationships written hereinafter (supplier-purchaser relationships, the relationships with state and public administration as well as the relationships with the competitors).

The employees defend the company’s reputation and its interests. They do not enrich themselves at the expense of the company. They defend intellectual and tangible property of the company. They exclusively utilise it for occupational purposes, unless otherwise specified.

An employee has the right to express his/her opinion without any consequences or penalties.

An employee is obliged to inform the company on important issues related to the company’s activities, as regards the negative influence on the future activities and development of the company. The KOSIT Company considers concealing this information immoral. All the information referring to the company’s operation is considered confidential.

● Work Safety

The employees are obliged to follow all the safety regulations in the company as well as the safety regulations given by the Slovak legislation. The company will arrange trainings and expects its employees will comply with all the regulations. Any violation of the regulations is considered a breach of occupational discipline.

● Discrimination

Both genders have the right to be treated equally as for the job, salary, and promotion, professional education, and working conditions. The company will
guarantee the working conditions allowing women to complete their tasks without
any physical and emotional harm, with regard to their physiological
presuppositions and their social and motherly functions, and also
with regard to women and men’s parental duties at upbringing and taking care of
their children.

Both genders are granted these rights without any limitations and direct discrimination, or indirect sex discrimination, marital status, race, the colour of complexion, language, age, unfavourable health or handicaps, faith and religion, political opinions, trade union activities, national or social origin, nationality, citizenship, ethnicity, wealth, sex, or other status except for the cases constituted by the law, or if there is a material reason inhering in assumptions, conditions or requirements and the character of work the employee is expected to do.

● Sexual harassment

Undesirable conduct of sexual nature, or other sexually based conduct, relating to the dignity of both women and men, interfering with the individual’s work performance including unwelcome conduct of supervisors and colleagues is unacceptable and forbidden.

Harassment is a form of discrimination that creates intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment, making other feel ashamed, humbled, and humiliated, or offended; the conduct of an individual with the intention to consequently interfere in other individual’s freedom and dignity.

● Donations and Presents

The employees are allowed to receive a present worth up to 3000 SKK ( …EUR) from their business partners. In case the value of the present is higher than 3000 SKK (….EUR), the employee is liable to inform his supervisor.

●Motivation of the Employees

The company tries to properly motivate its employees. The aim of the motivation is to primarily achieve permanently high level work efficiency. The properly motivated employee is indispensable and contributes to the company development. We lay considerable stress on education, extending the knowledge, capabilities and skills of our employees.

2. Supplier – Purchaser relationships
Professional, correct, polite supplier- purchaser relationships are eminently important for the further development of the company. These relationships must function without any discrimination or giving one party advantage over the second one. They are based on the performance of the terms of contract concluded beforehand.

The information relating to the supplier – purchaser relationships are not disclosed to the third parties. They are considered a business secret; therefore they are copyright. The disclosure of this information is penalised.

3. Relationships with the State and Public Institutions
The company abides by general statutes, standards and laws given by state legislation.
It closely cooperates with the city of Košice, as well as the Košice Region on the common projects, and supports their activities that are consistent with the company policy and its interests. The company commits itself to provide timely and true information, duly pay taxes, not to evade taxes, and to observe all the enactments against money laundering.

4. Relationships with the Competitors
The company respects the laws adjusting competitive relationships. Its conduct towards the competitors is in accordance with good morals and for the sake of reputation. The company treats all the competitors equally.

5. Conflict of Interest.
The employees are not allowed to take part in activities that are subject to the conflict of interest. The employee is liable to inform the employer on the fact, that his direct family member is an employee or employer/ owner of the competitive company or the company with the business activities alike.

6. Social responsibility of the company
KOSIT a.s. has concentrated its attention on the community it acts in, (the public, students, business partners, employees), and also the environment since it was founded. Our company steadily tries to evolve its business activities in this respect and be socially responsible. We take care of constant living standard development of the society we live in and work for. Our employees are the main tools for this communication. The social responsibility is a specific state of mind of our society and of transformation ideas into reality.

Our company mainly aims at:

● Environment.

The Company lays notable stress on the environment protection by its conduct and by means of the support of the activities centred at further education about environment protection.

● Educational Projects for Children and the Young.

The projects for Separated Waste Collection- SEPARKO, Enviroolympiada, Enviroshow, Deň Zeme (Earth Day).

● Support of regional activities- sponsoring

7. General Principles
The Ethics Code functions as an in-company mandatory reference for all the employees working for our company
It represents the effort and determination to work and to follow the highest principles of social and business ethics and to be law-abiding.
The Ethics Code applies to all the employees of the company indiscriminately.
All the employees are obliged to abide by the principles of ethics and in case these principles are violated they will counter the consequences of their conduct.
Each employee, in case he does not understand either of the articles of the Ethics Code, has the right to ask for explanation
Each employee is obliged to inform his supervisor on any unethical conduct. The supervisor will decide on the procedure for problem solving.
(Only) The Director of the company is entitled to carry out the changes to the Ethics Code