Complaints Rules and Forms

1. A client (buyer) or payer, in compliance with VZN No. 99 a 100/2007 of the city of Košice has the right to complaint about services he buys, and about the work performed by a supplier in a written form, by fax, in person, or by phone, immediately after the work as per contract was not performed, until 2,00 p.m. on the working day following the day services and work should have been supplied as per contract.The telephone number of the Dispatching Centre is 055/7270716 .

2. Each complaint is registered. The complaint made by the phone, or in person is written down in a Book of Complaint in a Dispatching Centre; the complaint in a written form – fax, or a letter of complaint,is recorded in a forwarding book .
3. A client (a payer), who makes a complaint in a written form, is notified of the results of the inquiry, in a written form within 30 days from its delivery A client, who complains by the phone, or in person is only notified exceptionally, depending on theimportance of his complaint.

4. If the complaint is accepted, a supplier provides a client with compensatory services within 24 hours from the time the complaint is accepted.