Hedgehog Separko’s Nursery

Project Nursery of Hedgehog Separko focuses on Environmental Education in nurseries. The survey, conducted by the KOSIT Foundation in selected nurseries all over Slovakia, has shown the need to address the issue of waste separation and environmental protection more comprehensively. This was the main reason for the emergence of a new modern teaching aid for nurseries. Thanks to the enthusiasm and the willingness of some directors and teachers in Košice nurseries, a manual which allows easy preparation of activities related to environmental education focused on waste was created. The text of the book is written in language familiar to 5-6 year old children, so they are able to take in the new Environmental dictionary. Children learn in a playful way everything important about waste, how to separate correctly, what is recycling, a collection yard or a waste container. Part of the educational package that each nursery will receive free of charge after joining the project is a Hedgehog Separko glove puppet, CD with songs, instructional dance of Hedgehog Separko on DVD, worksheets and coloring books. One of the outcomes of the project is an exhibition of artworks from waste materials (paper, plastic, glass, metal and hazardous waste) created by nursery children with the help of their teachers. KOSIT Foundation presents these artworks in East-Slovakian gallery in Kosice. The plan for this teaching aid is to distribute it to all nursery schools in Slovakia. The manual aspires to gain accreditation of the State Pedagogical Institute, which would grant it higher reputation among the scientific community as well. The Foundation chose a sheltered workshop in Košice to help them with the creation Hedgehog Separko glove puppet – thus giving the people with disabilities an opportunity to work. The project got to nurseries in the spring of 2011, its partners are and KOSIT a.s. and the city of Košice.